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What to do When the Weather Turns Ugly: A Great Exhibit at the Dennos Museum Center

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’VE MOVED! Dear friends and readers, “Loving Traverse City” now has a new address. (It’s a lot easier to remember, too)  You can reach it easily by going to http://blog.traversecity.com/. Or just follow this link. Thanks! Mike By … Continue reading

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September: Drama Queen of Seasons/Hiking the Grand Traverse Commons

By MIKE NORTON September has certainly been a dramatic month here in the Traverse City area — great battalions of clouds racing across the sky; beams of thick sunlight  lancing out of the darkness like the searchlights of alien spaceships, … Continue reading

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Not So Crazy After All These Years: Success at the Asylum

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, seen across the Munson Arboretum Lawn TRAVERSE CITY, MI– When Ray Minervini  agreed to take over the redevelopment of Traverse City’s 117-year-old mental asylum , more than a few people thought the idea was, … Continue reading

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